Through our network - Faxionnetwork - we distribute textile products in Denmark and the rest of Europe:


  • Hanging on hanger
  • cartons
  • pallets
  • With daily flights to and from Denmark to Europe and Scandinavien.

Own distribution system in Denmark with 24 to 48 optimized delivery of hanging garments and cardboard goods. 98% of our deliveries are delivered within 24 hours.

See more about Faxionnetwork on www.faxion-network.com

Benefits of using System Transport A / S distribution,

Total supply of cardboard goods and hanging garments

Savings from unpacking when freight velv available as hanging garments

Own distribution system provides great flexibility

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System Transport A/S

Transportcenter Alle 19

7400 Herning

​Phone: +45 97 22 04 00

Morten Øholt

Sales Director

Mobil: +45 20 24 06 59


John Brøndum

Business Development Director

Mobil: +45 22 85 40 00