At System Transport, we take our CSR policy very seriously, and always have. It is important to us to take responsibility whenever possible. For instance, we do this when sorting our plastic and cardboard as part of our environmental responsibility. We have chosen to continuously work on 3 areas: our responsibility for employees, our corporate social responsibility and our environmental responsibility.

If this has piqued your interest and you would like to find out more about us or our CSR policy, and how we work continuously on this policy from day to day, you are always welcome to contact us by telephone +45 97 22 04 00 or write an e-mail to cja@systemtransport.eu.

Under the tabs, you can learn more about how we take care of our employees, society and environment.


Responsibility for employees

We offer individual terms to ensure balance between work and private life and for seniors who want to stay in the labour market longer on special terms. . An example of this is our oldest employee, 84-year-old Johannes, who wanted to be the company’s caretaker when he reached retirement age.

We prioritise our employees. For instance, we have started an education programme in Poland called System Transport
Academy Poland. Here, our employees receive training in AGILE project management, financing, projects, logistics and sales twice a month, among other things.

We have chosen to prioritise the social element in order to strengthen cooperation, efficiency, solidarity, communication and not least job satisfaction. Therefore, we have staff associations at our various locations, who regularly organise activities for employees and their families in order to support good workplace relationships and a good working environment.

All our locations have defibrillators, and our employees have received training in using them. Each minute counts if a person goes into cardiac arrest. The chances of survival drop approx. 10% for each minute without treatment. Therefore, quick action is of vital importance.

We want our employees to feel safe when they are at work, and one of the ways that we can achieve this is to have defibrillators at all our locations and thus ensure that help is always nearby.


Corporate social responsibility

At System Transport, everyone is welcome. To us, it makes no difference if you have special needs, we will help and guide you to find the strength within as an individual and give you space to find your special skills. Among other things, this has resulted in us winning the Company Award from the municipality of Lejre.

Below, you can see some of the reasons given by the municipality of Lejre for giving us the lovely award:

  • This company has contributed to employment growth in the municipality of Lejre.
  • This company paves the way for immigrants in ordinary jobs, wage subsidy jobs and internships. In other words, this company has helped determine the motivation and ability to work of a significant number of citizens.
  • This company integrates people who have trouble entering the labour market.

They have also participated in giving citizens far from the labour market a new chance of becoming self-supporting. This company integrates people who have trouble entering the labour market.They have also entered into an agreement about being approved as an educational institution.


Environmental responsibility

In our industry, we use a lot of packaging, and even though we try to reduce it as much as possible (for example by transporting our hanging clothing directly in clothing trailers), there is still a lot.

Therefore, we cooperate with Stena Recycling, who regularly pick up cardboard as well as plastic.

Stena Recycling collect waste materials in all kinds of companies, and give these materials new life. You can find out more about Stena Recycling here: www.stenarecycling.dk

We always strive to make our driving as eco-friendly as possible.

Through fleet management (an online system to help track the vehicles), we are continuously keeping an eye on driver behaviour on the roads.

We exclusively use leasing agreements for our lorries that last 3 years. This way, we can ensure that we always have the most modern and eco-friendly vehicles on the roads.