Environment responsibilities​

​In our industry, we use a lot of packaging and although we try to reduce as much as possible (eg. by transporting our hanging garments, directly in GOH trailers) – there still is some.

We therefore have a cooperation with Stena Recycling, which regularly comes and retrieves both cardboard and plastic.

Stena Recycling collects residual materials from all kinds 

of companies and give the materiel new life. You can
​read more about Stena Recycling here: www.stenarecycling.dk

We always strive to drive as environmentally as possible. Through fleet management (an online system that helps locate the vehicle), drivers’ behavior is monitored continuously on the roads.

We only make leasing deals, that lasts for three years. This way, we always have the latest, most environment friendly trucks on the road.​

Are you curious and want to hear more about us, or our CSR policy and how we continually work with it, you’re always welcome to contact us by phone +45 97 22 04 00 or write an email to cja@systemtransport.eu

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