Vision & Mission

Our vision is, to be the preferred choice in Lifestyle Logistics and international transport - we are your
​choice - 24/7.


We will always deliver the highest quality in transport and logistics, with the most qualified and motivated employees.


Common to our stakeholders is that we want to be value-adding.


It is our goal to put the customer in centrum, and do more than expected - everytime. We want to offer more services, and create relationships with our customers. 


We want to be the preferred workplace in the industry, with good humor and good energy. A professional team, high performance, long seniority.


We use the most environmentally friendly transports, in road transport, sea and air freight.


We want to offer a reasonable return of investment Facilities. We focus on making our facilities top modern. We have a number of services, which is designed to make the transition from production to transport easier to handle.

Contact us

System Transport A/S

Transportcenter Alle 19

DK 7400 Herning
​CVR: 16691380​

​Tel: +45 97 22 04 00

System Transport A/S (Roskilde)

Kumlehusvej 1, Øm,
​DK 4000 Roskilde

​Tel: +45 20 24 06 78

System Transport Sp. Z o. o. (Poland)

Lutniana 39, 71-425 Szczecin 

VAT: PL8522244432

Post address:

Drukarska 59, 62-023, Koninko

Tel: +48 61 87 31 904  ​

John Brøndum

Sales Director

Mobile: +45 22 85 40 00

Jimmie Topp

Sales Manager

Mobile: +45 40 57 36 54


Cecilie Jakobsen

Internal communication

Mobile: +45 22 59 37 99