Vision & Mission

Our vision is, to be the preferred choice in Lifestyle Logistics and international transport - we are your
​choice - 24/7.


We will always deliver the highest quality in transport and logistics, with the most qualified and motivated employees.


Common to our stakeholders is that we want to be


It is our goal to put the customer in centrum, and do more than expected - everytime. We want to offer more services, and create relationships with our customers. 


We want to be the preferred workplace in the industry, with good humor and good energy. A professional team, high performance, long seniority.


We use the most environmentally friendly transports, in road transport, sea and air freight.


We want to offer a reasonable return of investment

Facilities. We focus on making our facilities top modern. We have a number of services, which is designed to make the transition from production to transport easier to handle.

Contact us

System Transport A/S

Transportcenter Alle 19

DK 7400 Herning
​CVR: 16691380​

​Tel: +45 97 22 04 00

System Transport A/S (Roskilde)

Kumlehusvej 1, Øm,
​DK 4000 Roskilde

​Tel: +45 20 24 06 78

System Transport Sp. Z o. o. (Poland)

Lutniana 39, 71-425 Szczecin 

VAT: PL8522244432

Post address:

Drukarska 59, 62-023, Koninko

Tel: +48 61 87 31 904  ​

System Transport A/S

Werkstrasse 8
​24 955 Harrislee

Robert Trier Andersen

Sales Manager

Mobile: +45 40 24 42 49


Jimmie Topp

Sales Manager

Mobile: +45 40 57 36 54


Cecilie Jakobsen

Internal communication

Mobile: +45 22 59 37 99