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- See here, what Jon has to say about our good service

When we handle transports for our customers across countries, products and services,
​it’s with our customers in focus and with a good team of skilled, experienced freight
​forwarders who knows what it takes. It benefits our customers every single day, and
​that’s how it should be.

Jon Østergaard Nielsen is a freight forwarder at System Transport and has been here for
​more than 10 years. When we asked Jon recently what it is, that drives him to provide
​the high service, like our customers deserve, he replied:

“Going home with the feeling of having made a difference and a good collaboration
​with my colleagues, on reaching a common goal is alpha omega for me. We have an
​insanely capable warehouse staff and highly competent forwarders. This means that
​there is a good understanding of each other, and what we each do. At the same time,
​we’re all someone who wants to get in front of the train – We are upside down, to
​make things succeed."

We believe in making a difference for our customers. Service is important to us, and
​everyone makes a difference to our customers every single day. It’s so deep in us,
​we can’t help it.​

​- We won the company prize in Lejre Commune 2018

​We won the company prize in Lejre Commune, and we are extremely proud!

This can only be accomplished with the big and excellent effort our colleagues does every single
​day. We received the company awards Tuesday, June 18th, with a nice reception held by Lejre
​Commune at our location in Øm, Roskilde.

The reasons why we won the great price include:

  • The company has contributed to the development of employment in Lejre Commune.
  • The company integrates people who have difficulty of entering the work market.
  • The company opens up for integration citizens in ordinary jobs, wage subsides, and internships.
    ​In other words, here is a company that helps clarify some citizens’ motivation and work skills.
  • They also helped give citizens far from the work market, a second chance to become self-sufficient.
    ​They also entered into an agreement to be approved for teaching.

A huge thank you, to our Logistics Manager in Øm, Per and our Warehouse Managers Kaj and Phillip,
​for your great effort in the cooperation, with Lejre Commune.

We say thank you, for the great prize and look forward to good future cooperation.​

​- We opened new logistics center in Poland​

​​On April 18th 2019, we opened the doors for over 4.000 square meters of warehouse space. Here is plenty
​of room for our existing customers, but also new exciting partners. With our 20 years of experience in
​Poland, we have a dedicated team of specialists who are always ready with ideas to solve traditional
​warehousing and logistics tasks, but also the special tasks.

Tony Jakobsen, CEO of System Transport:

“I have been to Poland, to see all the hard work our colleagues have put in, to start our new logistics
​warehouse. Fantastic! Is was so nice to see how far we have come. How customers start getting in place,
​shelving is set up, VMW system is installed and dedicated staff are ready.
So impressive, I’m really, really
​proud and happy…”​

We have over 40 years of experience with storage & distribution of hanging garments​

What do our customers say?

beck søndergaard

Anne, Logistic Coordinator at Becksöndergaard:​​

“From day one, we have experienced a fantastic interaction with our regular contacts at System Transport.
​In particular, we want to highlight the flexibility of System Transport so that we can choose between
​automatic sort pick and manual pick according to our needs. Not least “our” Anja, who makes a huge
​difference, and we always feel in good and safe hands. Anja know all our processes – applies to goods
​receipt, picking and shipping, which makes our job really easy. Often it is Anja who puts us in place if
​things are not controlled, which is a great thing for us. We really like that it is the same person who is
​responsible for us in our daily operations, so we don’t have to communicate with many different people.

I can highly recommend System Transport, which takes all customers seriously regardless of size.”

- This is how we do logistics

​​​- See our video with Bog&idé about outsourcing of storage operations

​Outsourcing own stocks is a matter of trust, whether it is traditional storage or e-commerce.
​Bog&idé / Index Retail has shown us the trust and we are therefore very proud to live up to
​the high expectations. See the movie below and hear their experiences with choosing
​System Transport, on warehouse management.

​- One year birthday with our new owner Tony Jakobsen

In this video you can hear about the first year in System Transport, with our new owner.
​Tony tells about what changes he made during the first year and what the future plans for
​System Transport are.

- Automatation of Danish logistic company, will increase the venue with 50% 10.10.2017
See article - click here

​- New CEO and owner of System Transport Tony Jakobsen 06-04-2017


- New terminal in Roskilde on 12 000 square meters, moving in 01-08-2016

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