Webshop facilities with variable warehouse costs

Are you starting a new webshop or have you already established one? Our warehouse storage solutions will fit your needs perfectly.

By using pick & pack and our warehouse, we can handle the storage part for you. That way you can concentrate on sales and development of your business.

Benefits of our webshop warehousing:

The advantage for you, is that the cost of storage becomes variable and that you know the price per unit. If there are barcodes on the goods and if your system is setup to work with our system, your system will be updated with inventory via EDI. 

In addition, we are able to grow with you and we are specialists in lifestyle logistics. 

We can offer other services, that make is easy for you to start a webshop or develop a current webshop. In addition to the inventory part, we offer a whole new unique distribution concept with packages for both the B2C and B2B market.

Not only in Denmark, but also in Northern Europe with favorable terms, so you can have a competitive webshop, that reaches out to foreign customers. 

Would you like to know more about our webshop warehouse services

You are more than welcome, to contact John Brøndum on telephone +45 22 85 40 00 or email jbr@systemtransport.eu to hear more about how we can create value for you, and your webshop.​

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