Conditions and legislation

General conditions

International transports carried out by System Transport A/S as the carrier comply with the CMR Convention (the Danish act no. 47 if the 10 March 1965 on international carriage of goods by main road).

Other conditions

All assignments are carried out in accordance with General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015). The stipulations limit our liability regarding miscarriage, deterioration or damage of goods to SDR 8.33 per kg, and regarding delay up to the freight amount, max. SDR 50,000 for each order. In connection with storage, the forwarding agent’s total liability for damage regarding the same incident is limited to SDR 500,000 (section 27).

Please note in particular that any claims against the forwarding agent are statute-barred after 1 year (section 30), and that the right of lien (section 14) applies to current as well as previous claims. Claims regarding freight etc. must be met regardless of the terms of delivery of the trade agreement (section 10).

Weight and dimensions

  • 1 CBM = 333 kg.
  • 1 LDM = 1850 kg. /5,5 CBM.
  • 1 pallet space (120 x 80 cm) = 0.4 LDM/740 kg


Goods and transport insurance can be taken out by us by further agreement.

Pallet exchange

Goods and transport insurance can be taken out by us by further agreement. The orderer is always responsible for correct pallet exchange at the recipient.

System Transport A/S does not exchange pallets that are not labelled in accordance with the rules of Danish Standards (Ds21132-2nd edition).

The quote is given based on current rates and prices and are excl. VAT, customs duty and other duties, but incl. the current German MAUT.

Furthermore, the prices are excl. the BAF in force at the time in question.

Acceptance and validity

The quote is valid if it is accepted within 1 month or as previously arranged.